01 11 / 2013

Day of the Dead at the State Museum in Las Vegas

28 10 / 2013

Just playing indoor mini golf at the KISS experience in Las Vegas. What are you doing today?

03 5 / 2013

More for our own posterity than anything else, here’s a short list of food-related places we visited:


A la Biche du Bois - probably our favorite; we ate here twice. Chris had an andouillette on the second trip which was surprisingly good but very large and not for the faint of heart. Other highlights were the coq a vin and the chocolate mousse doused in Grand Marnier which could probably bring about world peace. It also helps that the proprietor is generous with the armagnac.

Chez Rene - a typical Parisian bistro, very good duck confit and frites. The beef bourguignon is also excellent.

Les Cocottes - one of several Christian Constant restaurants. This was very good and a different experience from a typical Parisian restaurant; fine dining in a very casual atmosphere. The pork trotter stuffed potatoes are one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Bofinger Brasserie - a typical old-style Parisian brasserie (it started in the 1860’s), serves good, hearty French fare. This place gets busy and service can tend to be sluggish when it does.

La Tour D’Argent - Best meal (lunch) we’ve ever had. We’ll have to save up for dinner next time.


Bakery Beaumarchais - best croissants in Paris/France/The World. Also very good baguettes and pastries. This place makes even other Parisian bakeries seem sub-par.

Poilane - The pain de compagne is the platonic ideal of bread. We also devoured a couple of apple tarts.

Jacques Genin Chocolates - this man is a genius.

O Chateau - English language wine tastings. We had a very good guide and tasted some excellent and hard to find wines. A bit pricy but worth it if you want to learn more about French wine.

02 5 / 2013

Paris 2013, a set on Flickr.Pictures from Paris from Chris’s camera.

Arènes de LutèceCroissantsVilla TrianonVersailles with Apollo fountain

Paris 2013, a set on Flickr.

Pictures from Paris from Chris’s camera.

29 4 / 2013

2 weeks in this apartment and I didn’t fall down the stairs once. A miracle in my opinion; I’m kind of a klutz.

2 weeks in this apartment and I didn’t fall down the stairs once. A miracle in my opinion; I’m kind of a klutz.

29 4 / 2013

Last cafe lunch. Pork tenderloin with sautéed potatoes for me and the “petit” burger for Chris. We are guessing the fact that it doesn’t have the top half of the bun/toast is what makes it petit. Needless to say we both left food on our plates.

One more meal, one more sleep, then on the plane tomorrow morning. Even after two weeks neither of us is ready to come home.

We spent today wandering around our neighborhood again. We needed to find an extra bag to bring some things home in, so that took most of the morning. Chris also got a cool pocketknife/corkscrew that he had been wanting for years.

28 4 / 2013

Look at these beautiful chocolates! 

Yes, Mom - I got you some. And an additional special treat.

Look at these beautiful chocolates!

Yes, Mom - I got you some. And an additional special treat.

28 4 / 2013

Dinner tonight.

We went to Bofinger - our second trip to this brasserie on this vacation. It’s right across the Place de la Bastille from our apartment.

I got the onion soup (or as an idiot like me orders: the FRENCH onion soup) and the steak frites (frites not shown) with bernaise sauce. We also shared a bottle of Burgundy which was great with the rare red meat. We ended with a creme brulee that we devoured with no picture.

We are so surprised at how affordable good wine is here. You don’t see the the 100-120% markup in restaurants. We went to a tasting earlier this week led by a French woman who worked in Napa for a couple of years. She was downright angry at the high costs of wine in the US. It puts good wine out of reach of many people.

I think I may agree.

27 4 / 2013

Our trip is winding down, so today we splurged and went to La Tour d’Argent. It is on the top floor of a building along the river with fabulous views.

We certainly expected the food to be great, but we were blown away.

They are famous for their duck, which is raised on their own farm outside the city. When you order duck you are given a postcard with YOUR duck’s serial number. So of course that’s what I got. After tasting it I would do it all over again.

Tour d’Argent translates to The Silver Tower. The middle picture is one of the silver water goblets on out table.

A fun splurge and a nice way to wind down our vacation.

26 4 / 2013

Today was Versailles. My advice? Go for the gardens, skip the buildings.

Have you ever been on 5th Avenue around the holidays? Where it’s so crowded you could just stand still and get carried along? Add in tour groups and masses of school children. That’s what it’s like moving through the house. Minus the fresh air and cool temps. I can’t imagine what it would be like at the height of tourist season.

The gardens were beautiful. They are now a city park, so once you move away from the house, the crowds dissipate. We rented bikes and circled the outside and went around the canal. We were alone most of the time and it was beautiful. Everything is SO green right now.

As we headed back to the train we stopped for beers. Overall a very good day. But yeah, skip the house.